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Introduction to PBK System
Some frequently asked questions about the PBK System and its applications.
What does the treatment feel like?
In most cases the feeling is a relatively pleasant sensation. It sometimes feels like a mild buzzing feeling in your skin but it is never uncomfortable. The system is designed so you can reduce the overall power to suit your own sensitivity.

How will it affect my day to day activities?
Will I still be able to work? You can carry on as normal during the treatment course. It will not affect your usual activities in any way, except in that you will begin to feel the benefits within three or four sessions.

How many times do I need to come back?
Depending on the severity and type of your condition you may need to come back for about ten repeat sessions. This does vary from person to person but you decide when to stop the treatment not us.

How quickly will I notice an effect?
Most people notice an improvement within three to four sessions. Again it depends on the severity of the initial condition, but in many cases patients have reported total loss of pain within eight to ten sessions.

Do I need to stay on my medication?
That is entirely up to you but you should seek your own GP's advice. Many previous patients have stopped taking their pain-killing medication simply because they did not need them!

If the PBK System is used twice in quick succession on a patient area will it have a detrimental effect?
No. However, clinical evidence shown that teratments are more efficient if we leave at least two hours between two successive sessions on the same tissue area.

What do you find are the key selling points?
Quick effect, easy to use, a lot of indications and almost no contraindications.

What has the feedback been from the users of the devices?
Positive impression, the effect for about 70% of patients.

Has there been any other devices that have tried to compete with this device?

Have your customers been reporting success with treatments and decreased healing time?
Usually you can see the effect after 5-10 sessions, that means in 7 - 10 days.

What type of diseases or ailments have your customers been treating?
All kinds of pains, all kinds of vascular pathology, microcirculation, joints.

Have the Doctors and Physiotherapists been happy with the integration of the PBK System into there daily practices?

Is the machine easy to use?
Yes. One training day was enough for our staff.

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