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Introduction to PBK System
The PBK System has many applications in the medical arena including the following recommended sites :

Hospitals (Public and Private)
Pain Relief Clinics
Physiotherapy Deparments
Podiatry Departments
Vascular Department (PVD)
Orthopaedic Department
Ophthalmology Department
Dermatology Department
Private Doctors
Private Medical Centres
Insurance Companies
Application Benefits

Post surgical pain relief
Post traumatic pain relief
Peripheral Ischemia
Peripheral Vascular Disease
Diabetic Neuropathy
Diabetic Foot - Case Histories
All painful Back conditions

Neuromotor Rehabilitation
Muscular Conditions
Post surgical wound healing
Retinitis Pigmentosa
Acute injuries
Rheumatologic Disease
Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
Kidney Dysfunctions
Peripheral Neuropathy

Pain-free patients
Multiple treatment applications
Fewer patient visits (once a month)
Reduced waiting lists
Reduced drug bills
Excellent for patients with bad drug reactions
Massive savings for hospitals

Massive savings for insurance companies
No known side effects

Treatment of a painful shoulder                   Treatment of an ankle injury

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