Home Head nurse of the physiotherapy dpt. Mrs. Audrone of Centro Poliklinik in Vilnius:
Our findings:

Since January 1, 2007 they had 25 patients with prostatitis (all of them got 10 procedures):

The first group: 4 - with acute (the age 19 - 22 years old), nobody had erection problems.

The second group: 21 - with chronic (the age 32 - 50 years old), 12 of them had erection problems.

They were treated by Phyback program 14(143) and manual F1=110, F2=110, time 6000=10 min. in addition to medicament treatment, prescribed by urologist.

In both groups all of the patients had ultrasound control. In both groups it was improvement in ultrasound examinations and complains concerning the symptoms of prostatitis.

In the second group 9 patients of 12 had positive opinion about erection function after the treatment with PBK Therapy.

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