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Introduction to PBK System
The PBK System has many applications in the physiotherapy arena including the following recommended sites :

Sports Injury Therapists
Private Physiotherapists
Professional Sports Clubs
Sports Centres & Gyms
Personal Trainers
Hotels with Gyms
Large Companies with First Aid / Medical Facilities
Call Centres
Large Offices
Heavy Industry Companies (Ships, Cars, Building)
Application Benefits

Acute injuries (especially sports)
Chronic injuries (of any age)
Age-related conditions due to decrease in function or
Post surgery conditions
Work-related pain
Orthopaedic conditions
Back pain (Spinal conditions)

Reynoyd's Disease (painful condition affecting the fingers
        due to poor circulation)

Pain relief - virtually immediate
Improved flexibility of joints
Improved strength in muscle
Improved circulation
Increase in hormones, oxyhaemoglobin and lymph
Improved gait and balance

Improved sleeping patterns
Less reliance on drugs
General improvement in overall well-being including
        mental state
Patients return to work and leisure activities much quicker         than usual
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