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Introduction to PBK System
Various Electro- therapy have been used for over 100 years to help relieve pain and stimulate tissue repair. Now, a major leap forward has been made with a revolutionary, unique treatment available for the first time with the introduction of the PBK System.

PBK International TherapyŽ is a new technique designed to relieve pain, both acute and chronic, in patients whether caused by sports injury, surgery, age or environmental reasons. It utilises the body's own physiological systems to instigate an accelerated repair mechanism based on the activation of new micro-circulation in the affected areas. Typically, after only four to five repeat sessions patients experience exceptional pain relief, increased joint mobility and increased strength.

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How it works
The PBK System uses software controlled electronic impulses to stimulate various processes within damaged tissue including neoangiogenesis. A range of waveforms, frequencies durations and powers are generated to specifically accelerate the natural tissue repair mechanisms.

These are applied via low voltage impulses through electrodes - painless yet exceptionally effective. The output of the PBK-2C is more like acupuncture than electro-therapy. Impulses are so short-lived that virtually no current is generated. Hence the PBK-2C does not operate as interferrential or TENS-type systems - it is truly unique.

Using results from many clinical, cellular and neurological studies in University Hospitals the PBK System has been continually modified so that it outputs a wide range of treatment applications. Studies are currently underway in a number of sites to find even more treatment applications. Some excellent photographs show how dramatically the PBK-2C can effectively treat peripheral ulcerations.

Specifically, the PBK System stimulates the natural production of endogenous Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) within blood vessels. The consequence of this is an increase in local blood flow plus the release of a new micro-circulation in the treatment area. VEGF stimulates the release of local Nitric Oxide and prostacyclin. These agents have an immediate Anti-Inflammatory effect on tissue resulting in a rapid reduction in pain. Naturally the enhanced flow of blood also increases oxyhaemoglobin, nutrients and hormones into those tissues with all the benefits this brings.

A recently published report details how this mechanism has been studied. Reports discuss how some of the induced mechanisms have been studied. A number of clinical trials in Italy are currently underway - interim reports are available here.

Overall Benefits Treatments
Many patients have not only reported a reduction or cessation of pain, but they have also indicated improvements in lifestyle, improved sleeping patterns and a general improvement in their overall well-being - both physically and mentally. Increased mobility and function typically follow after a small number of sessions with the PBK System. No side effects have been reported to date with almost 95% success rate achieved in most patients.

Pain relief or cessation
Increased joint mobility
Increased muscle function and strength
Improved sleep
Improved physical and mental well-being
The PBK System has been successfully used to treat the following conditions :

Peripheral Neuropathy
Spinal Conditions
Post-surgical Wound Healing
Muscular Conditions
Orthopaedic Conditions
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Skin Ulcers

Safety Summary
Clinical trials over the last 20 years have revealed the "best" set of parameters for particular clinical conditions. These parameters are programmed into the system to ensure maximum efficacy and repeated reliability in achieving the optimum clinical results. This means that once an operator has been fully trained in the use of the system, they merely need to select the appropriate program for any condition presented. The software will then ensure that the most beneficial set of parameters are applied to the patient for that condition.

In addition, safety devices built into the system ensure that no possible harmful voltages or currents can ever be delivered to the patient. To this end the system complies with the European Medical Directive MD 93/42 as a Class IIa device. It also complies with IEC 947-1 : 1988 and CE 0476, N.MED 21001
The PBK System has been specifically designed to treat a wide range of physiological conditions with great success. In a number of clinical studies it has proven to be a reliable, safe and painless system with no discernable side effects. Many patients have displayed tremendously improved conditions following a small number of treatments by this method. In essence it accelerates the natural healing processes which occur within tissues following injury or surgery. By doing so it reduces the recovery time experienced by patients and returns them to normal function much quicker than is usually the case.

Unlike drugs, the PBK System removes pain by treating the conditions which cause the pain. It is not blocking neural signals to the brain.
It is, in effect, unblocking the problems in the tissues and accelerating the body's natural repair processes. Without doubt the PBK System is a truly innovative and effective methodology in the treatment of neuropathy.
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