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The PBK-2C system has been CE marked for ten years, in that time thousands of patients have been treated.
Aproximately 150 machines have been sold in Italy alone and a further 75 machines sold worldwide in the last 12 months.

There are various studies currently underway in a number of countries across the world including Italy, Mexico, Russia, Greece, Lebanon and the UK. Below are listed reports from institutions where research has been carried out to date. In addition we list a summary of other studies and their location

Mexico Diabetic Foot sensitivity improvement due to PBK2C
Slovenia Sports Medicine
Physiotherapy study in Lebanon
Greece: Diabetic Foot circulation improvement due to PBK2C
PBK comparison to other machines ; FBSS Failed Back Sugery Syndrome
Russia: Vascolopathy & Orthopaedic
Italy: Various Studies in Rome & Milan
Turkey: Various Studies
Hong Kong: Various Studies

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The release of VEGF and NO stimulated by the PBK-2C
Dept of Experimental Medicine and Pathology, University La Sapienza, Rome
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Case Report - Use of PBK therapy in Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
G. Varrassi, University of L’Aquila.
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PBK Therapy in the treatment of lumbar-sciatica
G.Varrassi University of L'Aquila.
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Evaluation of a methodology for the study of biological effects of antalgic electrostimulation (PHYBACK, PBK2C) on VEGF activation
G. Varrassi, University of L’Aquila.
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Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Giancarlo Calleti, MD
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Post-surgical wound healing Treatment of Lower Limb Ulcers
Prof. Stefano Merigliano
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Treatment of acute and chronic conditions in 160 patients (part 1, part 2)
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Lower limb venostatic ulcers
Dott. Pier Marco Pavanello
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Observations De La Therapy PBK En Traumatologie Medecine Du Sport,
Dr Jean-Paul Timsit
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Departimento Di Scienze Medicine E Chirurgiche
Prof Stephano Merigiano
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University of L’Aquila, Anestesia e Rianimazione
Prof G. Varrassi
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Fermin Martinez De Jesus MD Diabetic Foot
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Fermin Martinez De Jesus MD, Further Study and Results
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