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Patient: Ahmet Kartal Ankara

Date of Birth: 1956
Occupation: Heavy Truck Driver

I have diabetes for the past 15 years. For the past 2 years I have been experiencing severe pains in my legs. On 21 febuary 2007 my blood glucose level rose to 626 mg/dl, I was then admitted in the emergency department of Numune Hospital in Ankara. Before this period I was only been treated with oral anti-diabetics drugs, on my admission I started using insulin. The doctors after taking my history, and performing the necessary examinations and laboratory tests confirmed I was suffering from diabetic neuropathy. During this period my main symptoms were pain in legs and sleep related problems; I could not sleep at all. The doctors informed me they were going to treat me with a new device that has been in use for the past 20 years in Europe which is now been used in Turkey. For 21 days I was treated with this new device known as PBK therapy. After the 4th treatment cycle the parasthesia over my feet decreased and I started to sleep well. My pains continued to decrease and I never experience cramp anymore. After 15 days of treatment I started feeling better and can now go on with my daily work without any problems and can now sleep better compared to before. My best regards and thanks to the doctors in Numune Hospital Endocrinology Department and Dr. Dursun Aydin and his team for bringing this PBK device to turkey.

Ahmet Kartal

Patient: Dudu Sarica

Date of Birth: 1943
Occupation: House Wife

I went to Numune Hospital Endocrinology Department on 11-02-2007. I have been a diabetic patient for the past 15 years. I was admitted to the hospital because I had Ulcer, severe pains and parasthesia on the foot. My doctor told me there is the need for me to receive PBK therapy.

On 20-02-2007 I started PBK therapy. After the first day of treatment I noticed my sleep was more comfortable, my pains and parasthesia started to reduce. After the 10th day of treatment I had no cramps and the ulcer was healing and the parasthesia has started to reduce. The treatment ended After 21 cycle of treatment. At the moment I am more comfortable and can now walk with ease. Thanks to Dr. Dursun Aydin and his team for their support during the course of my treatment.

Dudu Sarica

Patient: Havva Celik

Date of Birth: 1934
Occupation: House Wife

I was diagnosed as been diabetic in febuary 2007. I was experiencing severe pains and parasthesia over my feet, my glucose level was between 300 and 400. I was finding it difficult to walk and did not even want to move out of the house. I could not sleep at night and my life was like hell.

On 25-02-2007 I was admitted to the hospital for 10 days. After receiving treatment for 10 days I was then discharged from the hospital. I was scheduled to receive a 21 day PBK therapy which is still in progress. I have gained a lot from the PBK treatment, my pains have reduced drastically. After my first treatment my sleeping disorders started to reduce. At the moment I have no complains and happy to be relieved from all these symptoms. I express my thanks and success to Dr. Dursun Aydin and his team.

Havva Celik

Patient: Ifakat Senocak

Date of Birth: 1934
Occupation: House Wife

I had severe pains and parasthesia on my foot. My doctor told me I should receive PBK therapy treatment for my diabetic neuropathy. Before I started the treatment, I was having severe pains and parasthesia over my feet. Even though I was under insulin my blood glucose level was not well regulated and most often I used to experience hypoglycemia. I responded well to PBK therapy, my pains reduced and I am more comfortable now. Sometimes I experience pains but compared to before I am more comfortable. I wish to thank the workers of Elektrosaglik and Dr. Dursun Aydin. Many thanks to them.

Ifakat senocak

Patient: Meliha Topcu

Date of Birth: 1941
Occupation: House Wife

I having been suffering from diabetes for the past 8 years but this year my glucose level never fell below 300 and 400. Ulcer latter developed on the toe of my right foot which became cyanosed. I came to Numune Hospital where I was admitted for 10 days and I received PBK therapy. PBK therapy made me comfortable and my wound healed significantly. After the 5th treatment I could sleep better and my foot pains had reduced. After the end of the treatment I have almost not experienced any pain. I thank and pay my respect to my doctors. At long last I am more comfortable and my pains have reduced and I can now sleep better.

Meliha Topcu

Patient: Ruveyda Colak

Date of Birth: 1966
Occupation: House Wife

I have been a diabetic patient for the past 10 years. This year my blood glucose level rose to between 400 and 500, I was then admitted to Numune Teaching and Research Hospital Endocrinology Department. My symptoms were severe pains over my leg, parasthesia and sleeping disorders. I received PBK therapy for 21 days, my pain and parasthesia reduced; I was more comfortable and could sleep better but have not yet recovered completely. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in this treatment.

Ruveyda Colak

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