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The PBK-2C : The Mechanism
The PBK System acts through negative impulses, measured in volts. They are so short (microseconds, with peaks measured in nanoseconds!) that the relative currents are practically nil. Those currents exist, of course, as we have both potential differences (impulses) and a resistance (human tissues), but they are totally void of action (too short!). This makes the instrument so safe: this is also the reason why PBK-2C cannot damage any tissue.

This characteristic disconcerts many potential users, as they are used to think in terms of “electrical stimulation”. In fact PBK System is not an electrical stimulator in the common sense of the words; or we can say that it is an electrical stimulator which is completely different to all previous systems.
Electrical stimulators and other electronic therapeutic machines act “directly” on the human body and they modify something of its tissues for generating a therapeutic response. If we look at PBK System under this perspective, we can say that it is totally inefficient. The extremely short PBK System impulses only generate an “alarm condition” where the electrodes are positioned. The human body reacts to this alarm with local release of VEGF and other molecules. Local release of VEGF has been a dream until now. Many scientists tried to achieve this through many kinds of invasive actions, without results. Now thanks to the unique ability of the PBK-2C (the pattern of very short impulses) new doors are opened to various therapies.

The nearest comparable therapy to the PBK System is probably acupuncture. Acupuncture tries to organize a self-treatment of the human body, but there are also, in this case, a lot of differences. In fact acupuncture acts far from the place where needles are inserted. For instance, needles may be inserted on patient’s wrist to achieve effects in the liver. This is not the case for PBK System: its electrodes are always positioned “on” or “very near” the painful or injured area, because what we are looking for is local release of VEGF, Nitrogen Oxide, and other active molecules.
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